ANNEX I. External Links. Movies and animations


 Learn Genetics.From the basics to the hottest current topics: a vast bank of easy to follow learning resources on Genetics.

 Interactives: DNA.Excellent full lesson on DNA with interactive activities and good coverage of the following topics: genetics, discovery of DNA, Human Genome Project, Genetic Engineering, and implications and ethics.

 DNA matching activity.Simple interactive activity to learn the structure of DNA by matching nucleotides.

Main Concepts of Genetics

 You and your genes.An step by step overview on the basic Genetics concepts from BBC Bitesize.

 Genetics primer.Wonderful introduction to Genetics, with excellent images and well explained concepts.

Inheritance and selection.Presentation on DNA, genes, chromosomes, meiosis and its role in the generation of variation, genotype, phenotype, mutations, genetic crosses and more.

 Transcribe and translate a gene.The basic rules for translating a gene into a protein are laid out in the Universal Genetic Code. To see how this works, try it yourself in this interactive activity.

 Simple gene expression.Great simple animation showing how genes are expressed by producing proteins.

 20 facts about the human genome.If you had to recite it at one letter per second for 24 hours a day, how much time would you take?

The Inheritance of Sex

 Gender testing of female athletes.Verifying a person’s gender may be harder than you think. Find out why…

Applied Genetics

 Genetic engineering.Great presentation on the Human Genome Project, selective breeding through time, genetic manipulation of wild types, examples and ethical issues.

 What have we learned from the Human Genome Project?The Human Genome Project was launched in 1990 to learn how the 3.2 billion base pairs contained in the human genome are ordered. But, what are the benefits of this?

 So, do you really want to know?At-home personal genomics kits are available and affordable, but how relevant are the results?

 Genetic testing.Learn how Genetic testing can help to prevent hereditary diseases and what are the main concerns that these techniques arise. You can try the revision test here.

 Gene therapy, cloning and stem cells.Learn the basics of some of the hottest topics in Genetics from BBC Bitesize. You can take the revision test here and even try an interactive activity.

 How DNA Evidence Works.In the last few years, DNA evidence has started to play a big part in many nations’ criminal justice systems. Learn how DNA evidence is scientifically achieved.

 Fighting hunger with flood-tolerant rice.Learn how genetic manipulation of the most eaten food in the world can help over two billion people to survive.

‘Alien’ genes escape into wild corn.Now it’s official: genes from genetically modified corn have escaped into wild varieties in rural Mexico.

 Trial begins for HIV gene therapy.Learn how a dead simple technique, based on the use of special DNA-cutting enzymes, could immunize people against HIV.

 For the first time, geneticists diagnose disease through whole-genome analysis.A differrent approach to gene sequencing proves cheaper, faster and useful in medicine.

‘ Artificial life’ breakthrough announced by scientists.20 May 2010: scientists in the US have succeeded in developing the first living cell to be controlled entirely by synthetic DNA.

 The 5 current genetic experiments most likely to destroy Humanity.If there’s one thing scientists have a knack for, it’s turning seemingly innocent things into horrifying specters of terror. Here are some examples.

Reproductive Biotechnology

 Cloning.Simple and clear animation showing the main steps to take in animal cloning.

 How cloning works.Simple and easy to understand introduction to cloning in plants, animals and humans.

 How human cloning will work.Today, after more than a decade since Dolly, human cloning remains in its infancy and under governmental restraints. Nevertheless, science is headed in that direction. Learn how the inevitable human cloning future will be.

 5 most cloned animals.Sure you know about Dolly, but what about Snuppy and CC? They’re not all magazine cover models, but they are notable clones. What are the five go-to species that scientists clone?

 Extinct ibex is resurrected by cloning.Learn how clonig techniques could help to regenerate extinct species.

 First camel clone born in Dubai.Scientists in Dubai say they have created the world’s first cloned camel.

 Human embryonic stem cells.Excellent and very comprehensive animation showing everything you need to know about human stem cells.

 All about stem cells.Every cell in your body was, at one point, a stem cell. Because they can grow into almost any kind of tissue, stem cells hold remarkable medical promise and spark contentious debate.


 Mendel’s gene theory explained A quite aged but still great and clear explanation of Mendel’s works.


Genetics 101 Part 1: What are genes? Genetics 101 Part 1: What are genes?

On DNA, genes and chromosomes.

Genetics 101 Part 2: What are SNPs? Genetics 101 Part 2: What are SNPs?On molecular-level mutations and inherited variation.
Genetics 101 Part 3: Where do your genes come from? Genetics 101 Part 3: Where do your genes come from?

On chromosomes and gender inheritance.

Genetics 101 Part 4: What is phenotype? Genetics 101 Part 4: What is phenotype?On the phenotype and its genetic and environmental influences.

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